ProPlay products are developed by Schmitz Foam Products. They are applied in various markets worldwide, such as sports and fall protection for playgrounds.



ProPlay-Sport is the perfect base for a high quality turf construction. The characteristics of the product address the demands for various specific sport technical requirements. ProPlay consists of thermal bonded (closed-cell) cross-linked Polyethene foam (XPE or PEX).


  • – Sustainable solution
  • – Long-term stability
  • – Resistance to wear
  • – Easy installation
  • – 100 year life expectancy
  • – 25-year guarantee
  • – Replaces a drainage herring bone system
  • – Installable and playable in all weather conditions
  • – Excellent vertical and horizontal drainage
  • – Lowest total cost of ownership

ProPlay-Sport meets the highest quality demands set by professional sports associations, such as FIFA, FIH, GAA, AFL and World Rugby. In comparison with other sport technical underlayers, ProPlay-Sport delivers consistent and predictable results for vertical deformation and shock absorption for its complete lifecycle, regardless of the intensity of use. ProPlay-Sport therefore offers a unique solution for each sport and artificial turf system.

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ProPlay-Sport is designed as a sport technical layer for artificial turf sports fields. Next to the necessary sport technical characteristics, the product has additional (in-plane) drainage channels, which ensure an adequate drainage of water in case the artificial turf system is build on a watertight bottom. For a prompt installation, the ProPlay-Sport is supplied as interlocking panels, which are equipped with expansion slots. Our range of ‘sports’ products: ProPlayMP, ProPlay-Ecosport, ProPlay-Sport15, ProPlay-Sport15/215, ProPlay-Sport17, ProPlay-Sport20(D), ProPlay-Sport23(D), ProPlay-HP40li, ProPlay-HP23el.

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ProPlay for Playgrounds

ProPlay for Playgrounds is the perfect surface for play equipment and is mainly used to prevent (head) injuries in the event of a fall, both indoors and outdoors. ProPlay for Playgrounds has been specially developed for playing fields and sport fields with synthetic turf. It offers the active youth protection from falls. The closed cell material combines fall protection with outstanding drainage properties, simple installation, lasting stability and unmatched resistance to wear. Because of the high drainage qualities, playing fields with ProPlay for Playgrounds are dry and ready to be used in no time, even after severe showers. grafiek val INT2 Our range of ‘playground’ products: ProPlay25, ProPlay35, ProPlay45, ProPlay55. To find out the best solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.