The comfort pad of Schmitz Foam Products is professionally designed as a high quality layer offering additional benefits for landscaping projects. This unique product is very suitable for urban areas such as (municipal) gardens, public service areas, urban commercial landscape design and roundabouts. It adds a great level of comfort to any synthetic turf solution for commercial, residential or recreational landscaping projects.

Main benefits
Adding an engineered foam layer to the sub-base adds significant advantages.

Increase the durability of your turf backing
The 12 mm thick pad has an open structure which drains water easily. Even after heavy rainfall, the backing will remain dry which is great news for the durability of the turf backing. Because of the closed cell structure no water will be absorbed. Also, the pad protects the turf backing from damage caused by sharp or rough particles.

Due to its shock absorbing capabilities, the landscape pad adds comfort to your synthetic turf, irrelevant of the available sub base. It can even be installed on a concrete surface! It is easy to install and can improve the consistency of the base for your synthetic turf product giving better appearance and uniformity of footing.

If you wish to learn more about the characteristics of the landscape pad, download the flyer HERE.